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Rebuild Corp
Rebuild Corp is a Veteran owned, licensed, and insured General Contractor based in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Our expertise includes the exterior reconstruction of multifamily and commercial communities. Every project undertaken is completed with exceptional attention to detail, use of superior quality products and with your community’s safety in mind. We strive to maintain our reputation of being the best skilled and professional general contractor company in town. Combining quality with hard work, we provide solutions at an affordable price. Following community guidelines and proven work methods, we bring quality and exceptional work at your door step.
To completed successful projects, we follow the lead of skilled professionals with over 3 decades of experience. We take pride in providing exceptional exterior repair and reconstruction services, be it the repair or replacement of roofing, painting, windows, carpentry, asphalt, concrete and more! Every job is done with dedication and keen attention to detail to build long lasting relationship with our customers as if they were family. We deliver on time, exceptional and high-quality results to make your life easier!