When cars attack!

When a vehicle hits a building the results can be catastrophic! Such was the case in Centennial Colorado on a cold december morning! The vehicle hopped the curb and collided with a stairwell causing extensive damage to the building. Luckily no one was hurt!

Rebuild was on the scene immediately setting up a controlled access area and reinforcing the structure to allow the residents to re-enter the community.

The damage was extensive requiring the entire stairwell to be reframed and new stair stringers and reiser to be installed. The hand railings were also damaged and due to no longer meeting building code had to be replaced for the entire stairwell.

We worked diligently with the engineer, city building department and the insurance company to get the project completed quickly and to current standards. All of which was covered and the community had ZERO out of pocket costs!

Day or night when an emergency strikes, Call REBUILD!

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