Why Asphalt Should Concern You and How We can Help

A number of reasons can cause cracks in pavements and make the surface uneven and an area of concern. While on the outside a few cracks on the road might not seem as troublesome, it is their gradual deterioration that poses a threat. Over time the pavement material failure will be the cause of further cracking, and potholes until the pavement itself cannot withstand it. Leaving it broken down and useless, all while being more expensive now to fix than before. Regardless of how fine material is used to build the pavement, water infiltration, Movement of the pavement, Inadequate drainage, Upward reflection of underlying pavement, overloading of vehicles and continued traffic use and depth of pavement can also play a role in its deterioration.

In times like these, it is best to seek our professional help. We offer a complete exterior remodeling solution which includes Asphalt Repairs, leaving it as good as new. Depending on the case at hand, crack sealing with a hotpolymer/rubberized bitumen sealant can be the solution to your pavement problems. Our team of specialist help you and your community prosper and stay in tip top shape for now and years to come. Starting off with an initial inspection, we conclude which areas are of concern, which require repair, and which require remodeling. Finding other areas suffering from asphalt is step one of our countermeasures. After the initial examination, the area is calculated that is need of a layer of new asphalt. For cases of frequent water damage, we offer an overlay that can help with proper drainage of water and minimize the pooling. When the initial surface has been prepared, the asphalt overlay can be paved on top of the surface. To cement the deal, crack sealant will be applied to the edges where the concrete meets the asphalt and in the smaller cracks. Once all the requirements have been calculated, we provide the overall cost of the project.

A simple, straightforward and effective approach to a problem that concerns many. Whether you are walking down the street or driving down the road, the overall outlook of your community should concern you. Especially with a problem like Asphalt repair, timely measures can save you a fortune. Making the right decision will not only benefit the general outlook of your community but also make it more friendly, comfortable and practical. Road construction and maintenance go hand in hand. Repairing with safe, durable, reliable asphalt can make all the difference and provide you with superior value. Construction joints that have gone under multiple reconstructions, noisy surface texture, cracks and hole along with blow ups are all treated with one simple solution. A benefit for your community and a must have for your roads, and pavement. Asphalt repair is an investment that provide returns over a lifetime!

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